Very delicate shampoo containing adjuvant plant extracts in the treatment of dandruff. The product contains lichen and burdock with a dermo-purifying action, panthenol with a moisturizing function and a conditioning agent for shiny and manageable hair. It is particularly suitable for dry and brittle hair, skins affected by appreciable concentrations of dandruff and for frequent washing as it is delicate and is also recommended for those who play sports and wash their hair every day.

Functional Ingredients:

ICELANDIC LICHEN EXTRACT: extract of natural origin with excellent purifying and deodorant properties;
BURDOCK EXTRACT: extract of vegetable origin with purifying and astringent properties.
POLYQUATERNIUM-7: anti-static and filming agent with conditioning properties for the keratin of the hair. The product reduces the accumulation of static electricity and avoids frizz. Makes hair shiny and manageable.
PANTHENOL: precursor of vitamin B which, thanks to its ability to retain water, hydrates and keeps the skin surface in good condition and gives brightness to the hair.


Green Shampoo is used like any other shampoo, saturates the scalp and hair, rubs for a minute, then rinses with warm water. The second application of Green Shampoo, if necessary, is carried out in the same way.

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