The hair is more robust than before, it increases in diameter. The scalp and hair are deeply nourished. Light and fresh lotion containing functional principles with nourishing and polishing action. The presence, in the formulation, of keratin hydrolyzate has a nourishing action on the hair. The hydrolyzed silk solution allows to obtain shiny and easily manageable hair and the panthenol retains water keeping the skin surface in good condition. It is a composition of highly nutritious substances, invigorates and strengthens the hair giving it greater body. It stimulates the growth of new hair and helps regenerate hair that is about to atrophy.

Functional Ingredients

HYDROLYZED KERATIN SOLUTION: hydrolyzate deriving from keratin. This protein is part of the natural composition of the hair. This active nourishes and strengthens the hair fiber making it more full-bodied.
HYDROLISED SILK SOLUTION hydrolyzed of silk proteins that makes the hair shiny and manageable.
PANTHENOL: precursor of vitamin B which, thanks to its ability to retain water, hydrates and keeps the skin surface in good condition and gives brightness to the hair.
GLYCERINE: moisturizing and humectant agent. It allows to retain water on the surface of the scalp, hydrating it.
ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL the presence of isopropyl alcohol gives lightness and evanescence to the formula and has a purifying action.


The required dose of Hair Nourushment must completely saturate the scalp hair. An application in the evening followed by a 5-minute massage is recommended

The massage done with the fingertips of the fingers well adherent to the scalp, consists in moving the skin with a rotational movement in relation to the bone table, and must be done for at least 5 minutes;

if applied to damp or wet hair it produces a light foam that does not need to be rinsed.

This type of massage can be performed several times a day because it reactivates blood circulation. Blood brings nourishment and oxygen necessary for the health of your hair.

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