Pre-Shampoo Dermopurifying Lotion


Our Pre-shampoo is an exceptional product with its innovative formulas dissolves and soluble the deposits of "pityriasis" (dandruff) and excess sebum, in addition to the impurities normally present on the scalp.

It deeply solubilises and crushes the sediments deposited on the scalp. A generic shampoo fails to be so effective in eliminating waste. Slag that compromises the life cycle of the hair bringing it to an early fall.

The product is prepared by maintaining the active molecule piroctone olamine and replacing the thymol with the essential oil of rosemary which, in addition to having a purifying action, gives a balsamic fragrance to the preparation

1. Pour the Pre-Shampoo N1 by moving the hair so that the entire scalp and the hair can be well saturated.
2. Rub with fingertips without using nails for 1 minute.
3. Leave on for 2-3 minutes.
4. Rinse with warm water. The second application if necessary is performed with the same modalities. This product has
the task of solubilizing (dissolving and making soluble) the deposits of "treatment formulas", "pityriasis" (dandruff) and
excess SEBO beyond the impurities normally present on the scalp.



  • Counteracts hair loss
  • Helps prevent fall
  • Promotes hair growth
  • Strong purifying action
  • They stay clean for several days
  • Less fat hair immediately
  • Eliminates the bad smell from the scalp.
  • The hair is thicker and shinier from the first application.


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