Do you wash your hair every day but it looks dirty after a few hours?
Does hair loss seem excessive?
Choosing the right products for your hair can solve your problem!


Many times we use unsuitable or too aggressive shampoos to wash oily hair. This does not help, on the contrary it often worsens the situation.
The hair shaft is very fragile and, if attacked with excessive impetuosity, it risks ruining itself. The result is that hair gets dirtier than before, becomes weak, dull, loses its natural consistency and dehydrates the scalp.
Sebum is an oil produced and emitted by hair follicles and plays an active role in protecting them, an important ally for hair as long as its production does not become excessive.

The main function of the shampoo must not only be to wash the hair, but also and above all to clean the scalp well, maintaining the optimal situation for their well-being.
The scalp is one of the direct responsible for the health of our hair.
External agents such as pollution, dust, lacquers, gels and internal ones such as sweat, sebum and dandruff are deposited on the roots of the hair compromising its growth.
It is a known fact that people with oily hair lose their hair more easily and are affected by baldness.
It is no coincidence that alopecia is often associated with seborrhea, that is, excessive production of sebum as the activity of the sebaceous gland is over-stimulated by androgenic hormones.
Seborrhea and seborrheic dermatitis can accelerate the progression of baldness.
It is therefore important to take care of them and keep them under control immediately with a highly suitable treatment shampoo.

During washing, all harmful substances present on the scalp and hair must be eliminated: smog, sweat, sebum, atmospheric agents and those of the work environment, chemicals such as lacquers and foams, treatments.
Some of these elements we cannot see with the naked eye, but we can perceive their presence through the itching, the unpleasant smell and the greasiness of our hair.
What to do if the itching does not disappear after washing and after a few hours the hair looks dirty again and gives off the usual smell? Or what if freshly washed hair looks dull and lacks vitality?
At this point it is necessary to understand why it happens and take prompt action.
The first thing to do is to change the shampoo.
Today's market offers a lot, thousands of products claim the necessary qualities to remedy the problem of oily hair and their premature loss.
It is not easy to find the product that really works.


The HAIRAKTIVE method is specifically designed to remove sebum and all other polluting deposits present on our scalp and hair in an effective, curative way, and without compromising the hydro-lipid film of the scalp. With the HAIRAKTIVE method, clean in depth, normalize the fall, and stimulate regrowth. These products have a powerful regenerating function. Hair stays beautiful and vital for a long time. You just need to allow HAIRAKTIVE products to take care of their hair.

These two pictures were taken with the help of a three-camera with a magnification between 200 and 300 times.

 Observing our scalp with a magnifying glass allows us to realize the accumulation of sediment and dirt present in this photo, the hair is washed with a generic shampoo.
This is instead a perfectly clean scalp.
In this photo the hair was washed by washing with
HAIRAKTIVE Preshampoo #1 and Shampoo #2


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